FED-STD-595C COLOR CHIP (Individual)

Precision color sample on 3x5 card, with protective envelope and Declaration of Conformity.

IMPORTANT: Please specify color number(s) from the drop-down list at the bottom of this page.

FED-STD-595C Color Chips are suitable for Quality Control and Inspection purposes, as well as precise color matching. Chips are directly traceable to the US Government's master color reference, and a Declaration of Conformity is provided with each chip. Change Notice 1 is incorporated.


1) Revision-C is the latest version of FED-STD-595 that is available, and it replaced Revision-B on 3/16/09. All 595B colors have been retained in 595C, and none changed in shade. 39 new colors were added.

2) Revision-B chips are obsolete and have been de-authorized for US Government applications. 595C chips MUST be used for QC Inspection purposes now, even if a specification references 595B.

3) The color samples in FED-STD-595C Fan Decks and Specification Document books are NOT approved by DOD for Quality Control Purposes. You should only use 595C Color Chips (individual or from complete set) for Quality Control and precise color matching.

4) FED-SPECS' individual color chips fully incorporate Change Notice 1 -- all 650 colors are available and correctly identified.

5) Many companies facing a Quality Audit also purchase the full FED-STD-595C Specification Document, along with color chips. Frequently they are required to prove actual possession of the specifications with which they claim compliance.

6) FED-STD-595 Color Chips (and Sets) are primary color standards and may not be returned for credit after customer-delivery.  We regret any inconvenience, but a "chain-of-custody" from printing through delivery is critical for the integrity of the Declaration of Conformity that is provided with these products.

FED-STD-595C COLOR CHIP (Individual)
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